CONSULTING We provide professional and effective consulting solutions for those who wish to trade or have already concluded purchase contracts for agriculture products out of Ukraine or Russia.
    BROKERAGE We provide professional brokerage services to our clients worldwide based on our huge experience in agricultural sphere and sufficient technical background in doing grain exports out of the Black Sea region. We follow trade commitments between Sellers and Buyers until the end making sure that everything goes smoothly and brings satisfaction to all parties involved.
    CONTRACTS EXECUTION Our team has more than 6 years of successful contracts execution experience from the top Ukrainian and European trading houses. We offer comprehensive solutions of A-Z contracts execution on behalf of our clients and undertake to protect buyer's interests throughout entire process of contract handling.
    FREIGHT SERVICES We supply our clients with all needed information about Black sea freigth market, including forecast of price tendencies and global trends. We help to chose most efficient and appropriate logistic plan to suit client's intensions.
    CARGO SUPERVISION Appoint us as your representatives at port(s) of loading and rest assured that your shipped cargo would comply with all contractual specifications as for quality and quantity. We conduct complete survey of loading process to indemnify our clients from any possible violations and frauds.