About us

“Smagris” was etsblished to provide consulting, contract execution, sea freight and cargo supervision services to its esteemed clients around the globe. “Smagris” unites experienced professionals in field of cargo forwarding, maritime shipping, port agency and commodity contracts execution, who are ready to deliver comprehensive services to protect client’s rights and interests.

With headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia,  we concentrate our businesses in one of the leading agricultural countries of Black Sea region – Ukraine. Also, we have deep background in grain imports to Middle East and North Africa countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya etc.)

Practical knowledge of our specialists in agriculture trading business will help our principals not only to solve their problems, but also to achieve highest level of business performance and to accomplish their daily tasks with due diligence.  We are dedicated to our goal of delivering the best operational solutions to our clients, enabling them to manage their commodity movements with a high degree of efficiency and quality.

Our mission

It is our commitment to our clients and our drive to be a better partner that motivates us every day.  We are proud to be an enthusiastic and professional company, which provides customized services through personal touch by its team of motivated people and high quality approach.

Our services

Our aim is to be the leading customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain a first-class environment to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives client’s loyalty leading to sustained profit growth and creating improved company value.

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