How you distinguish contractual terms?

It is essential for proper contracts execution to classify terms of agreement as of their importance and meaning. I listed main groups to which contractual terms could be distributed below. I hope you would find it useful! The  relevant classification depends upon the intention of the parties, ascertained objectively, at the time when contract was.. read more →

5 things to avoid when you draft the agricommodity sale contract (English Law incorporated).

When it comes to sales contract preparation, there are certain mistakes / omissions we shouldn’t do to keep ourselves on the safe side and to make our contract works properly, as initiated during business conduction stage. Herewith, we would go through some of them. 1. To insert quality specifications into “Description of goods” clause. By doing.. read more →

5 serious mistakes during execution of agriculture commodity trade contracts.

When we do execution of the foreign-economical contracts we exposure ourselves to the risk of countless mistakes, which may lead to the unreasonable expenses and, in worst scenario, to default. Below are few mistakes to avoid: To count meaning of ambiguous terms of the contact (if any) as obvious to your counterpart. Parties to the.. read more →