Having a deep background in grain exports out of Ukraine, our cpicsompany provides specialized consultancy services to all, who wants to buy and ship grains or oilseeds from Black Sea region.

Our consulting services include information about commodity prices, markets overview, sight reports, logistic expenses calculation, loading port customs, quality assurancGrain-marketse, legal support within local and English legislation etc.

Needless to say that agricultural export business is always subjected to variety of difficulties and constrains allocated by geographical peculiarities and local political environment. Therefore, it worth checking twice all aspects of business in question before getting into operations in order to avoid serious problems and Harvest-rsgreen89to save a lot of money. This is where we can provide our customers with best possible services and solutions.

Our professional team is ready to provide 24/7 information support and feed its clients with up-to-date data to protect their interests and rights in Ukrainian agriculture markets.

Spheres of our knowledge 

  1. Agriculture commodity markets (pricing overview, commodity offers and bids)
  2. Execution of commercial contracts (GAFTA, FOSFA, Incoterms)
  3. Legal aspects of commercial contract performance. Arbitration. (English law, International precedents)
  4. Quality assurance (quality reports, crop forecast, yields status)
  5. Logistics and ports (port customs and rules, ways of logistical optimization, running cost calculation)
  6. Freight quotes and prices forecast. Preparation of Charter Party. Lay-time calculation.