Contracts execution

It is not a secret that contract execution procedure is one of the core elements of grain trading business. After parties “shake hands” the time comes for the contract to be carefully prepared, having no hidden risk exposures to the buyer. Contractual goods have to be allocated at loading port(s) analyzed for quality and condition and shipped on board sea vessel in a proper way to maintain durable condition throughout entire voyage to destination.  Vessel must be chartered and independent supeintending companies should be nominated. All these activties are vital and final outcome of the business is strictly connected to how effectively those tasks are achieved.

“Smagris” is happy to present its comprehensive services of commercial contracts execution, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Drafting of purchase contracts (with or without references to GAFTcontract-imageA / FOSFA forms) with incorporation of special clauses, designed by our team to protect buyer’s rights in ligth of English law, which is an applicable law for the majority of international trades.
  2. A-Z execution of foreign-economical contracts (GAFTA / FOSFA) on behalf of our clients, what includes: vessel freight, contractual notices, nomination and control over quality suvey and fumigation. Preparation of shipping documents in accordance with governed contract and/or documentary credit as the case may be. Checking documents for compliance and their subsequent submission through the banking channel as per client’s instructions. Following of the shipment till goods reach buyer’s destination successffully.
  3. Representing buyer’s interests at port(s) of loading by being presBusiness dealent at port and on board the vessel 24/7. Taking increment samples throughout entire loading process with their further submission to the buyer’s address and/or dispatch to the international accredited laboratory for the third party tests. Making sure that surveyor companies work transperantly and reflect actual quality condition of the shipped goods. Sending daily reports to the client with progress of loading operations, digital pictures of vessel under loading and express quality results.

Our contracts execution specialists have over 6 years of relevant experience form top ranked Ukrainian and European companies in field of grains production and export. We are familiar with all aspects of daily business operations within export commodity movement.

By delegating to us execution of your trade contracts, you receive best services and confidence!

Become our client now and experience the best trade support you’ve ever  had!