Cargo supervision

When grain trades are concluded on the basis where quality and quantity are finGrain_090508al at the port of loading, buyers may need to make sure that both quality specifications and shipped weight are properly indicated by the superintendent company, which is usually appointed and paid for by sellers. Of course, buyers always can appoint their surveyor for joint inspection, however, it often happens that seller’s and buyer’s surveyors (except double nomination) are from the same area and cover each other on the same vessel, what can jeopardize buyer’s interests as for quality, weight and condition of the loaded goods.

Having tight schedules and daily office routine, buyers may find it difficult to attend loading by themselves and to spend days and nights in the port supervising shipment operations and controlling weight and quality of the goods to be in accordance with their commercial contract.Wheat-Samples

“Smagris” is there to provide 24/7 services of quality and weight control during entire loading operations. It is our job and passion to protect client’s rights, ensuring strict performance of the contract conditions by cargo shipper (seller).

There is no need to leave daily business in the office for traveling overseas any more! Let us do this job for you and we will make it right!seeds_forceps

Nominate us as your representative in port of loading and rest assured that your seller would have no chance to hide and/or falsify actual condition of the cargo. Our trained inspectors take full responsibility to perform their duties at the highest level of international surveying standards, bringing satisfaction to the client by defending his interests and securing his profit.